My first hand account of T1D, diet & exercise is aimed at older teenagers and above. The foods we eat and our level of activity have a direct infleunce on the behaviour of our blood glucose. Finding the foods that keep your blood glucose stable and unproblematic is a long process. Everyone is different and for that reason fine tuning your diet is a very personal journey. 


We all want to make sure we fit into our favourite jeans don't we? Exercise has a very important role in both blood glucose control and weight management. Regular exercise can really help lower your insulin sensitivity and stabilise your HbA1c.


Learn the following:


  • An overview of diet 
  • How different foods effect your blood glucose 
  • How I inject depending on the foods I eat 
  • How I stop spikes in blood glucose after fatty foods 
  • How excess insulin causes weight gain and how I stop this from happening to me 
  • Diabulimia 
  • My rules to losing fat with Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Foods I eat and foods I avoid to lose weight & maintain good glucose control 
  • How different types of exercise impact blood glucose 
  • Avoiding hypo's during and after a workout 
  • Fasting
  • Weight training 

Diabetes, diet & exercise



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