Feeling the heat.

The pressure to be the 'perfect' diabetic can be intense. Whether it be from your healthcare professional (HCP) or yourself, being made to feel like you're failing can leave you feeling helpless and deflated. Balancing the spinning plates that is a life with T1D takes patience, strength and courage; qualities your HCP cannot teach you. 

Underneath the iceberg of a good HbA1c is a lot of experimenting and failure. The dreaded wait of seeing how your actions over the past few months will affect this result can be nerve-wracking. Not getting the reading you were hoping for is frustrating and disheartening. But it's always important to remember that adapting to a life with diabetes is a personal journey, one of which can take many years to master. 

Don't let one reading define you. Diabetes is tough, but you're tougher. 


Handling pressure.

Look at the bigger picture. Whilst non-diabetics go about their lives without the burden of T1D, you on the other hand are walking through life with the added job of being your own carer. As a diabetic you have managed to adapt to the challenges thrown at you and have shown that you're capable of so much more. 

Know that you're doing your best. The large majority of people are not perfect at everything, especially at managing a temperamental auto-immune disorder. Sometimes we just have to accept that not everything is going to go the way we planned. We can do everything in our power to achieve that perfect insulin to carb ratio or basal rate, but at the end of the day, diabetes doesn't play fair. Take a deep breathe, and co-operate with the inevitable.