Living with T1D is lonely.

Unfortunately we can't share the workload of living with T1D with our family, friends and healthcare professionals. We can be given all the support and guidance we like, but in the end it's us and us only who live with the condition.

Everyday we must face the demands of Diabetes head on the best way we know how. It can be really hard to put into words how lonely it can be to face these challenges alone.


We don't wear T1D on our sleeves, so to everyone else we look completely healthy. It's easy for others to brush aside your condition when they can't see how serious it is. Being the only one in the room who understands how you feel can make the weight of your condition seem heavier, and at times, unbearable.   


Handling loneliness.

Put pen to paper. Write down a summary letter each day about how your diabetes behaved, including any challenges you faced and how you dealt with them. Getting those negative thoughts out of your head is cleansing and might just be the relief you need.

The internet is the best resource we have when it comes to finding information and connecting with other people. Use this to your advantage! There are countless Diabetes support forums out there where thousands of people just like us can discuss every aspect of their lives with diabetes. You might not know any other Type 1's in real life, but finding them online has never been easier. There's a community out there waiting to support you. 

Sometimes when it all gets too much, talking to a professional isn't a half bad idea. I know from experience that in child clinics, a session with a psychologist is usually offered. If this is available, take it! These people will have heard it all before and will be able to offer you professional advice to help you look after your mental well being.